UK live music industry risks collapse amid Omicron fears

The UK live music industry is on the verge of collapse. A new study has presented data that suggests the government must step in to save the industry. This all follows recent pushes for the new Omicron variant.

LIVE’s survey measured concert attendance, cancellations, no-shows at events since the last outbreak. They found that 70% of the organizers postponed the performances that were scheduled the week before. This included big names like Coldplay and Lil Nas X. 40% of ticket holders did not come to events at all. The study found that the industry has already lost about 2 million pounds from Omicron.

A spokesperson for LIVE made this statement:

“These statistics paint a grim picture for the sector, which is why it is absolutely vital that the government immediately provide additional support. We need urgent help to prevent the live music industry from collapsing, forcing venues to go out of business and a miserable Christmas with job losses, freelancers and artists out of work.

Famous british place Printing have taken it upon themselves to cancel their upcoming performances. They seek the “well-being of those who frequent and work there”. A recent BBC report suggested that the majority of concert halls in Scotland would close permanently. Without major help, this will likely become a reality. It seems that the smaller venues will be the first on the chopping block.

As far as artists are concerned, there is a Musicians’ Union which now provides advice to those who have had to cancel concerts. A lot of people are trying to save music, but it is clear that the government will have to step in as well. LCD audio system just finished their residency in Brooklyn because of Omicron, so we may still be seeing a similar wave in the United States.

Wash your hands and be brave.

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