The new Red Bank music store will open on Saturday

RED BANK, NJ – Longtime musician Michael Nicosia chose Red Bank to build the music store he always dreamed of buying from home and dreamed of someday owning.

From Saturday, Relic Music will be open for business. Described as an “instrument shop,” the store will carry a variety of amplifiers, effects pedals and other equipment. It will also host events such as guitar and pedal demonstrations.

Nicosia wants it to be a place where people can walk around, experience sounds and, if need be, ask questions without feeling pressured or intimidated.

The 42-year-old has performed in bands since he was a teenager. His musical journey began when it rained for an entire week. Unable to skate outside, he decided to take his little brother’s guitar.

“I’ve been hooked ever since,” Nicosia told Patch.

The self-treated gear head has always been particularly fascinated by the equipment. For example, he would try to understand “why does this band sound different from this one”.

“You could have 15 different pedals that are supposed to perform the same function that all sound totally different because of the types of parts used, because of the types of circuits. It’s almost like an organic life form in a way.” , did he declare.

One day he came across a Memory Man pedal.

“The first time I heard it, it was like someone opened a door and showed me a whole different world. I haven’t been the same since,” Nicosia said. “It was the gear side that got me obsessed.”

Likewise, he wants to help people find their relic.

“This piece that can make all the difference, which you will cherish for the rest of your life,” he said.

Michael Nicosia inside the new store (Courtesy of Relic Music)

Originally from Jackson, Nicosia now lives in Ocean Township. He used to travel to Red Bank to visit music stores that no longer exist, including Monmouth Music, which closed a few years ago. He recalls a time when there were “three thriving music stores” in town, including a small vintage one, tucked away in the same building where his store now stands.

“I’ve always loved this city. I’ve always found it to be really great in terms of culture. I loved shopping at Monmouth Music when I was younger,” he said. “The business community here at Monmouth Street are amazing people. I have made such great friends with so many of them.”

New Relic is located at 13 Monmouth Street.

Nicosia said without the pandemic someone else would have already opened another music store in town.

According to the musician, this had both a positive and a negative effect. On the one hand, this has prompted more and more people to make music a hobby, thus increasing the demand for instruments. However, this took a toll on inventory and the supply chain, due to issues such as lack of truck drivers and delayed imports.

More recently, things have started to normalize, he added.

In terms of equipment, the store will have both known names and a selection of other instrument and amplifier makers that Nicosia says “are more worth highlighting”. This includes brands such as BiLT, Dunable, Nash, and Fano, among others.

Nicosia said your tone is a never ending journey.

“There’s never a finish line with that,” he said. “Travel is the most important thing. We want to help people have fun while they are doing it.”

Alice P. Darby