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Things are far from back to normal, but our village businesses are showing some signs of life.

Especially now that we have reached phase III, businesses in the village are starting to open their doors for retail again. What’s different is that staff members will be wearing masks (and customers should be too), and there might be one-way tape marks on the floor and in front of registers encouraging proper distancing. social.

However, what has not changed is that the same friendly owners and staff will be there to welcome you, and they will very happy to see you.

Frankly, I’m relieved to see that most businesses in our village have been able to get through the pandemic. The one notable exception is The Pickled Paintbrush, which closed permanently about a month ago. (But even this unfortunate news has a happy upside, which I’ll mention later.)

You, the loyal customers, are the main reason these companies are still around. John Bucci, owner of The Music Store, 18 E. Main St., was blown away by the support his store received while it was closed, making purchases via email, phone calls or online.

John Bucci behind the counter at the Music Store

“Everyone was just amazing,” he said. “People who needed a set of guitar strings, buying three or four, saying ‘We have to keep you here, I have to do what I can.’ Anything they wanted, if I was even close to what they needed, they were fine.

He has been in business for 31 years, he added, and has always wondered, “Does it matter? Then to hear the phone calls and people saying “Yeah, we gotta keep you in business”.

I also stopped at Nest Things, 11 E. Main, where owner Gail Maier took a few minutes to show me the beautiful garden she created behind her shop. Stop by yourself and she will be happy to show you around.

The Village Quilt Shoppe, 21 East Main, one of Webster’s newest stores, is also back in business after staying busy helping to make thousands of face masks for healthcare workers and social agencies.

Chandeliers and performance recreation are also back up and running, and I saw people going in and out of The North Bee on North Ave.

But probably the most exciting news comes from LaLa of Webster at 38 E. Main. After just over a year and a half in business, LaLa has not only weathered the storm, but is on the rise.

Owner Lisa Schlonski will expand into the former Pickled Paintbrush space, which sits right next to her current shop. It will more than double the floor space it already has, including the addition of a third floor, which will become a clothing store.

Lisa hopes to complete the renovations in just a few weeks, so watch for a big reopening party.

Also, of course, restaurants are opening. I’ve seen brand new and beautiful patio seating at The Filling Station, and Barry’s outdoor patio is getting so busy they’re taking reservations.

So let’s continue to support our local businesses and show them how much we appreciate them.

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