Tampa Bay Area and Swedish Companies Merge to Expand Global Reach


Temple Terrace-based Mize has merged with Swedish company Syncron to provide a new comprehensive software-as-a-service platform for manufacturers.

The combined company, now valued at $ 650 million, will operate under the Syncron brand, said Ashok Kartham, founder and CEO of Mize.

However, certain brands of Mize products will continue to be used.

Syncron approached Mize about a partnership about a year ago, which ultimately led to the merger.

“We both felt it was a very good combination,” says Kartham, who joined the Syncron management team as product manager overseeing all products and their development.

Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

The amalgamated company will continue to operate from the Mize office located at 12802 Tampa Oaks Blvd., Suite 320, near Interstate 75, where it employs approximately 50 people.

It can now offer a more integrated and efficient service thanks to its platform, for example by eliminating the extra trips for parts to perform a repair.

Mize helps manufacturers improve customer service through the use of cloud technologies. Syncron helps manufacturers improve service, for example by locating spare parts, with its cloud-based software.

“I am really excited about this merger. We believe that gives us access to global customers, ”says Kartham, who opened Mize eight years ago when he moved here from Chicago. “We can grow faster.”

The merger comes as manufacturers face a major transformation similar to what has happened in the music industry as it has shifted from records to digital recordings and subscription services, says Karen Sage, Managing Director of Syncron Marketing.

The industry is moving from offering products like tractors to offering a service like weeding an acre of wheat, she says.

Merging helps make this happen faster and more transparently.

“Without these two companies, there would have been additional levels of integration and challenges,” she says.

The merged company now offers customer service software in the automotive, construction and agricultural equipment, industrial engineering, high tech, medical technology and consumer durables industries.

Already an international operation operating in India and the United States, Mize now has 12 offices around the world, including sites in Europe, Asia and North America.

Integrated Syncron currently employs 700 people across the company and plans to hire an additional 100. About 20 to 25 are expected for its regional office in Tampa, to fill roles such as product management, technical lead and software managers, Kartham said.

The positions, which typically require an undergraduate degree in business or information systems, pay between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000 per year to start, he says.

A minimum of three to five years of experience is required.

The company is looking for employees who have a passion for serving the customer and who have the ability to adapt well to different cultures, Sage explains.

Although he could consider remote workers, he prefers to hire locally.

“I think there is strength when teams are together,” she said.

Syncron currently has 56 openings worldwide, and many are remote. He is eager to tap into the region’s talent pool.

To consult the openings, visit the Syncron website.

Kartham, an investor in local startups, is excited about the economy of the Tampa Bay area.

“I believe in our ecosystem,” he says.

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