Sweetwater opens new music store

  • (photo courtesy of Sweetwater)

  • Sweetwater Music Store Electric Guitars
    (photo courtesy of Sweetwater)
  • Sweetwater Music Store Drums
    (photo courtesy of Sweetwater)
  • Sweetwater Music Store Band and Orchestra
    (photo courtesy of Sweetwater)

Sweetwater Sound will mark the opening of a new music store on its Fort Wayne campus on Tuesday. The retailer says the new store is more than three times the size of its old store and will create 15 jobs.

Sweetwater, which primarily sells musical instruments and audio gear online, says the 44,000-square-foot store includes separate showrooms for all instrument categories. Additionally, the company says its band and orchestra retailer, Mynett Music, has moved from its independent location to the new store and is rebranding as Sweetwater Band & Orchestra.

“We are honored to be able to showcase this experience to continue to enrich our musical communities, near and far,” Sweetwater Founder and CEO Chuck Surack said in a press release. “We’ve always been a company dedicated to building community. Our goal is to create stronger bonds between musicians and provide our customers with a new hub destination where they can experience exactly what Sweetwater is all about.

The company does not disclose its financial investment in the store. In addition to separate showrooms, the store is also home to what Sweetwater calls the world’s largest stompbox display, with over 1,100 pieces, a recording studio, and live sound rooms.

Alice P. Darby