Spotify Highlights 10 Young Egyptian Voices on Africa Day – Music – Arts & Culture

The list of emerging Egyptian artists is based on their popularity on Spotify.

The selection begins with Lege-cy, whose most popular songs on Spotify are “Arafa” and “Betadeen”.

Next is Perrie, an Egyptian-Moroccan rapper and first EQUAL Arabia ambassador, who took to a billboard in the heart of New York’s Times Square. Perrie has collaborated with prominent artists of the genre such as Abyusif on “Mamlaka”, landing in Spotify’s Top 50 Egypt and reaching fans around the world.

Another name is Ali Loka, whose ‘Matkhafesh Yamma’ with Ouzzy was among the biggest hits of his generation. Even though the track was released in early November 2021, it is still in Spotify’s Egyptian Top 50 and has become one of the most streamed Egyptian tracks outside the country.

Next is Lil Baba, who is a hip hop artist known for collaborating with household names such as Abyusif on “MA YORAM,” and Abo EL-Anwar and Marwan Pablo on “Brrr Brrr Brrr.”

Another artist highlighted by Spotify is Muslim, known for his song “Etnaset”. He also made waves in the music industry with titles such as “Mesh Nadman” and “Abl Maswalek”.

Another female rapper joining the roster is Dareen, an up-and-coming female artist from the rap scene. His latest single “Araseek” is one of the most popular on Spotify, alongside “Calma” and “LEILA”.

Next are Moscow and El-Waili, who are known for their song “Dawly” and their previous collaboration on “Matglwensh”.

Bringing back oriental sounds are Disco Misr, who have become one of Egypt’s favorite musicians on Spotify their remixes of Umm Kalthoum and their collaborations with artists such as Wegz and their recent feature with Aziz Maraka on “Ahla Wahda “.

Last but not least is Ahmed Kamel, singer and songwriter and one of Egypt’s rising stars whose most popular songs on Spotify are ‘3la 3eny’ and ‘Meen Fe Dol’.

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Alice P. Darby