Spitfire Audio launches FINK – SIGNATURES, an acoustic guitar toolkit

LONDON, UK /MUSEWIRE – Music Industry Newswire/ – Spitfire Audio has announced the launch of “FINK – SIGNATURES”, a library of acoustic guitar toolkit samples featured in Spitfire Audio’s award-winning dedicated plug-in – compatible with any DAW. The library is based on the performances and playing of Fin Greenall, aka “FINK”, who started out as a DJ and producer before developing his guitar-based folk and blues-inspired sound.

According to the company, “Signatures is a definitive acoustic guitar toolkit, full of character and sonic depth. At the heart of this sample library are three distinctive acoustic guitars, beautifully captured in microscopic detail and offering a range of classic and iconic playing styles, from delicate to hard-hitting, including pulled, plucked, muted, and thumbed one-shots, pristine harmonics, strumming patterns, and more.

These emotive sounds are complemented by a range of percussive guitar-based tempo-synced loops and hits, soothing vocals and versatile pads. Crafted in collaboration with award-winning producer, composer and songwriter Fin Greenall, aka Fink, this toolkit has been carefully curated to inspire both composers and songwriters, guitarists and non-guitarists – one collection instantly playable that lends itself to a range of compositions, from intimate indie scores to acoustic pop tunes, and much more.

Signatures features a range of basic and extended techniques from the heart and mind of Fink, captured on three of his favorite “signature” acoustic guitars, each with their own distinctive tone. From the affectionately named “Brady”, a 2004 Mal Brady Bouchier nylon with a rich, smooth sound, to “Festy”, a 2010 Martin D28 steel-string acoustic with a pop sound, his festival and touring guitar , and ‘Orwell’, a sweet 1984 Martin D35 steel-string acoustic, which features most prominently on his recent records. Fink’s signature techniques in each guitar section include tempo-synced arpeggios in DADGAD, unique drawn, plucked, muted and thumb notes, three variations of harmonics, two-finger chords, ready-to-use strum patterns and more.All guitars are presented in the easy-to-use plugin of Spitfire Audio, with smooth playability and a wide range of effects settings to tailor every sound to your own vision.

The product is available for $49 from Spitfire Audio.
Learn more: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/az/fink-signatures/


54 presets, divided into 6 sections:

  • Brady (11)
  • Party (13)
  • Orwell (14)
  • Percussion (7) Beat-synced drum loops performed on Brady, Festy and Orwell. Also includes a selection of percussive hits on various guitar cases and stompboxes captured in the studio
  • Voice (6) Fink singing a mix of longs and swells aahs, mmms and oohs
  • Stamps (3) An electric piano pad, a harmonic pad (guitar harmonics powered by the Spitfire Audio granular machine) and a sustained strings pad

9 controls:

  • Expression
  • Dynamic
  • Offensive
  • Release
  • Reverberation
  • Starting point
  • Chorus
  • Delay
  • String Squeal Effect
  • Featured in Spitfire Audio’s award-winning dedicated plugin – compatible with any DAW
  • Dynamics slider lets you go from a close mic mix to a re-amped signal, using Fink’s signature vintage amp
  • The starting point cuts further into the note to create pad-like sounds
  • String Squeak FX controls the volume of the string “squeak” noise that plays on note release
  • Recorded at the famous Jazzanova Recording Studios in Berlin with state-of-the-art, vintage equipment
  • Instantly distills playable guitar performance born from years of dedicated practice – from a seasoned pro with a distinctive style
  • 9.5 GB

Fin Greenall started out as a DJ and producer before developing his guitar-based folk and blues-inspired sound. Growing up in Bristol’s thriving 90s music scene, Greenall signed to legendary label Kickin’ Records and then Ninja Tune, releasing the critically acclaimed record Fresh Produce and DJing worldwide. Acclaimed guitarist, producer, songwriter and entertainer, Fink was a sought-after collaborator for various established artists, including writing and recording Amy Winehouse’s early demos, as heard on her posthumous record, Lioness. Fink’s Sort of Revolution also featured a collaboration with John Legend on the track Maker, Fink having co-written two tracks on Legend’s Evolver album, leading to three prestigious BMI awards.

Fink wrote seven critically acclaimed studio albums, leading to numerous film and commercial placements, as well as numerous world tours. Her Perfect Darkness (2011) album included Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us, with a live version of the track featured in the Oscar-nominated film Selma. Warm Shadow was next prominently featured in The Walking Dead, with Justin Vernon and Colin Stetson teaming up to remix the track, which resulted in a collaboration with Colin Stetson on the blues side project Sunday Night Blues Club, Vol. 1. The Hard Believer studio album included the smash hit Looking Too Closely, which has over 30 TV and film licenses and over 100 million streams. 2017 marked the start of Fink’s collaboration with famed producer Flood, culminating in the release of his blues side project and studio albums Resurgam (2017) and Bloom Innocent (2019). After releasing his acoustic best-of It Isn’t Until It Is, 2022 sees Fink’s first foray into film music with production work on a major game soundtrack.


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