Olly Alexander praises Lil Nas X for breaking music industry barriers

Alexander also said that prior to the rise of Lil Nas X, he would receive “comments” about his shows being inappropriate.

“Even just a few years ago, I was getting comments on my show like, ‘It’s not really family-friendly; we can’t broadcast this [on TV] during the day,” he revealed.

“And it was literally just because I’m gay and I had my nipples stick out or something – there was nothing [sexually] explicit in progress… but now, after Lil Nas X, that just isn’t happening. I don’t think that’s possible.

Elsewhere in the interview, Alexander opened up about her legendary BBC New Year’s performance and being a queer role model.

During the celebration, the young talent performed various tracks featuring Kylie Minogue and The Pet Shop Boys.

Although most viewers and critics praised the event, 179 people complained to the BBC that the performance was “too sexy”.

“If I pissed off homophobes, I feel like I did a good job,” he told NME.

“I feel very lucky and amazing to be a pop star, and I want to do the [LGBTQ+] proud community – this is on my mind all the time and I want to love, not screw things up. So if I can try to get things done, I will.

Watch his iconic New Year’s Eve performance from Sanctify below.

Alice P. Darby