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RICHMOND, Ind. – The Ohio Marlins hit a tie with the Richmond Jazz in a brace Thursday with the home side GLSCL winning Game 1 13-6 but falling in Game 2 4-15.

FIRST GAME: Marlins 13, Jazz 6

In the first duo clash on Thursday night, it was the Marlins who scored the first points of the game but only until the start of the second set. After a scoreless first inning on both fronts, the Marlins remained confident on the offensive end.

In a strong offensive performance, the Marlins had four points, three of which were unearned. Two of the four runs scored came from a hit from 47th Ken Hemmer, giving No.8 Rowan Teran and 22nd Adam Estrada enough room to score – the Marlins were leading 4-0 before the third inning.

The Richmond Jazz tried to come back, but only managed one point in the lower half of the third inning. With one out already, Jazz’s number 25 Tyler Borges hit a single, number 27’s Ben Huber, who scored the team’s first goal since second.

The fourth inning saw a lot of offensive action from both teams as the Marlins and Jazz scored three more points each – the Marlins still lead 7-4.

The fifth inning was similar as both teams tied for a point each – Marlins’ No.22 Adam Estrada earned a homerun as the first player to strike in the top of the fifth. Marlins remained in the lead 8-5 going into the sixth inning.

The Marlins continued to support the Jazz’s defense with the visiting team scoring a point thanks to a receiver error – the Marlins increased their lead to 9-5.

The start of the seventh inning proved to be another fruitful opportunity for the home side who scored four more points. The Jazz scored a point in the bottom half of the seventh, but couldn’t make a comeback – the Marlins win Game 1 13-6.

The winning pitcher for the Marlins was No. 29 Hunter Parish who, over four innings, allowed five runs on seven hits, one strikeout and two jazz players on balls. Early in the game, 14th Bryce Timko allowed one run on five hits with four strikeouts and three walks before moving to right field in the bottom of the fourth.

Number 8 Kendall Marshall lost on the hill to Jazz in Game 1. In three innings, he allowed four runs on five hits with three strikeouts and three walks.

GAME TWO: Marlins 4, Jazz 15

In Thursday’s second clash, the Jazz pushed the offense early to put down the Marlins on the attacking side between the first and fifth inning, allowing no points to be scored.

For the Jazz, their hitters were busy scoring two earned runs from a single hit from No.12 Drew Barber on a 3-1 count late in the first inning.

After scoring a point at the end of the third, the Jazz created a real headache for the Marlins in defense by collecting four points scored. In the lower half of the fourth inning and with goals loaded, Jazz number 28 Andrew Dietz earned a grand slam and, in the process, added four more points to the Jazz’s already solid lead.

After the Jazz scored another run in the bottom of the fifth, the Marlins finally came up on offense early in the sixth inning, scoring three earned runs to make the game 12-3. The Jazz would reciprocate in the bottom half scoring three points themselves – now leading to 15-3.

The Marlins put up one last fight at home in the start of the seventh inning with No.17 Alex Jarvis called up for the first out. Teran netted a brace from scoring, giving No.9 Aiden Lao the opportunity to open the All-Star squad for a point.

However, the offensive trip would be short as the Jazz took home the 15-4 victory, even with their visitors.

Winning this time on the hill for the Jazz was No.20 Patrick Woltenmate who, in six innings, allowed four runs on eight hits and seven Marlins on strikes.

Number 55 Steven Thom lost on the mound to the Marlins who, in three innings, allowed five runs on four hits, striking out two at bat and three Jazz players on balls.

Friday afternoon, before their game against the Cincinnati Steam (22-18), the Marlins are 10-30, winning three of the last 10 games.

This Saturday marks the Marlins’ season finale as they face the Ohio Bison at 5:05 p.m. at Oslon Park.

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