Norwich vape shop owner to open downtown B Sharp music store

NORWICH – As a young student, Brenton Chambers wanted to play the flute in the school orchestra, but his family had no money and he couldn’t train.

Now the owner of Cloud City Vape and Smoke Supply from Taftville’s Juiceman is opening a music store in downtown Norwich, offering instruments at affordable prices.

“If I can help someone, it will make me happy,” Chambers said.

Chambers, along with his other employees, will open the B Sharp and Out of This World Records music store on the first floor and basement of the B2B center at 65 Main Street. Chambers said he wanted it to be a separate space for all ages. experience for Norwich. He expects the business to open in about two weeks.

“I have a lot of great guys around me and (music) teachers who are really good at what they do,” Chambers said.

In terms of the business model, Chambers employee Cameron Rossi said it was an adjustment between the sale of vaping products and musical instruments. He said that a vaping company only needs two distributors to have a wide range of products, whereas a company has to deal with more distributors of musical instruments.

However, Chambers believes that the social aspect of the two types of stores makes them similar.

“When someone walks into our store, we help them to the best of our ability,” Chambers said. “If I don’t know something, I know the guy next to me knows something.”

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Rossi also said people would want to go to B Sharp versus a chain of stores like the Music and Arts Center or the Guitar Center because it doesn’t feel like “you’re walking into a Wal-Mart.” .

“(We are) passionate about what (we) do and try to share that passion with other people,” Rossi said.

Rossi wants the store to have big brands, like Gibson, as well as more niche brands, like Danelectro.

Chambers was surprised to hear the local community’s passion for the new store. Even customers at his vape store have been asking when the music store is going to open.

“Norwich loves music a lot, more than I thought,” Chambers said.

As the business grows, there will be plans to add a record store and recording studio in the basement. Chambers thinks the place will thrive.

“Norwich has a lot to say,” Chambers said. There are a lot of flavors in this city, and we’re going to stir them up.

Robert Bell, owner of the B2B Center, is also happy to see more business in the city.

“Any type of business that becomes new to our downtown will be welcome,” said Bell.

Another Chambers employee, Alex Girard, has said he hopes a music store will brighten up Norwich city center.

“Make it more artistic, not just for the kids but make you want to go to downtown Norwich,” Girard said.

Alice P. Darby