New Orleans’ # 1 hot sauce supports local music, arts and food communities

NEW ORLEANS (press release) – Crystal Hot Sauce recently launched a new campaign called “How New Orleans Tastes”, which salutes all of the ways the city delights the five senses. “The flavor of New Orleans is more than a matter of taste; it’s about the sounds, the sights and the feelings, ”said Pepper Baumer, president of Baumer Foods, the company that owns Crystal Hot Sauce. “At a time when our city is suffering, we must support all those who make New Orleans taste great: musicians, artists, the hospitality industry. We created this campaign with them and for them. The “How New Orleans Makes Flavor” promotion showcases the unique talents of the people of this city. “

The campaign, which includes television, social media, outdoor signage and print, features artwork from more than a dozen artists, to music created by local musicians, including the famous artist collage maker / mixed media director Simon Blake. Blake has worked with images by muralists including Robin Halverson, Chris Pavlik, Henry Lipkis, B Cameron White, Rebeka Skela, Jamar Pierre, Conor Kolk and John Lee Sanders. The estates of Fats Domino and Dr. John have authorized the use of portraits of the two New Orleans legends.

The music was composed by Oscar / Golden Globe winner Donny Markowitz and produced by famous Grammy winner Misha Kachkachishvili of Esplanade Studios. The soundtrack features Markowitz on bass, Galactic’s Stanton Moore on drums, and Preservation Jazz Hall’s Brandon Lewis and Charlie Gabriel on trumpet and sax / horns, respectively.

Since its founding, Crystal Hot Sauce has supported the city’s unique culture. More recently, they partnered with the Krewe of Red Beans to employ Mardi Gras artists and feed our culture carriers through the “Hire a Mardi Gras Artist” campaign and with a generous donation to “Feed the Second Line” . They also sponsored Tipitina’s live concerts throughout the pandemic. Additionally, in a joint venture with MR EatWell, Crystal donated funds from the sale of branded products to the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Service and Hospitality Employee Assistance Program. In April, Crystal Hot Sauce will be the main sponsor of the Nola Footwork Fest, a four-part concert series created by trombonist Corey Henry at the Broadside Theater.

Alice P. Darby