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Jimmy’s Music & Supply moves to 1200 block of Main Avenue

Jim Gillaspy has moved his music store, Jimmy’s Music & Supply, to 1239 Main Ave. He spent three months remodeling the 2,000 square foot space that once housed nine offices.

Patrick armijo

Durango’s place to find guitar strings when the popping noise occurs moves to the 1200 block of Main Avenue.

“We’ll be across the street from Buckley Park, and with all the music going on there, I couldn’t ask for a better location,” said Jim Gillaspy, owner of Jimmy’s Music & Supply.

Gillaspy, a former owner of Katzin Music & Studios, who operated in Durango for almost 40 years, opened Jimmy’s Music & Supply in July 2018.

After Katzin’s closure left local musicians with no place to buy a capo, replace guitar strings, or buy a piano method book, opening a small music store made sense, a Gillaspy said.

Jimmy’s focuses on instrument supplies and accessories, primarily focusing on guitars and keyboards.

Katzin Music & Studio has provided a range of new instruments to music lovers everywhere, but found that this market was dissolving from online competition.

Jimmy’s will limit sales of new instruments to acoustic guitars and ukuleles from Teton and Yamaha keyboards.

Gillaspy said guitars and keyboards are the exceptions to the loss of sales of new instruments, once the bread and butter of small music stores, to online sales.

Jim Gillaspy said his new location across from Buckley Park should benefit from all musical events held in the park.

Patrick armijo

The old store was located on East Second Avenue and East 15th Street, and moving to Main Avenue means Jimmy’s will carry more items like headphones and other consumer electronics for tourists who forgot to pack theirs. .

The store will also carry cords and other electronics for amplifiers.

Consignment service is available to people who have their old musical instrument dusting in the closet. Jimmy’s will take 30% of the sale price and the owner 70%.

“I’m really surprised at the quality of the instruments in people’s closets and under their beds,” he said. “I think it helps everyone to know that an item once prized will go to a good home locally.”

Amplifiers and electronic guitars are also must-haves in consignment sales.

Gillaspy has spent the past three months renovating their new 2,000 square foot space at 1239 Main Ave. The store is about double the size of the old store.

“Nine offices had to be demolished, and the construction was long and arduous, but it’s cool. Looks like it’s not from the 1970s with a little paint job from the 1980s, ”he said.

The smooth opening of the new location took place on Wednesday. The new location will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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