Music Store Customer Gifts Dimebag Darrell Guitar to Stranger

A wonderful human from Colorado gifted a Dean Dimebag Darrell ML guitar to a stranger during the holidays. A young man named Fallon, who has Williams Syndrome, would often play the ax whenever he went to a local music store, but Dime Guitar is now in Fallon to shred!

Fallon and the Good Samaritan were both clients of JB Hart Music Co. in Grand Junction, Colorado. According to an article in the music store, an anonymous person noticed Fallon playing the guitar in early 2021. Moved by the young man’s passion, he bought the guitar and asked the staff to give Fallon the ax. the next time he passed.

However, Fallon quickly moved from Colorado to Texas and did not return to the store for eight months. However, when he returned to Grand Junction to visit his family, Fallon let JB Hart down and was eventually surprised with his new guitar.

JB Hart Music Co. shares:

It’s Fallon. For the past two years he was visiting the Montrose store. His request each time was to play the “Pantera” guitar, that is, the Dean Dimebag Darrell ML guitar. We were shocked that he knew some Dimebag riffs. Fallon is affected by Williams syndrome and has an excellent knowledge and love for music. His dream was to own this guitar.
Eight months ago, while in the store playing, another customer noticed Fallon. This moved this customer so much that he later returned to the store, bought the guitar, and asked us to give Fallon the guitar anonymously the next time we saw him.
However, we haven’t seen Fallon until today. We tried to find him in vain. Today his family came to the store and we learned that they had moved to Texas and returned this week for a visit. It was a wonderful experience to give Fallon the guitar of his dreams as a gift from a nice stranger. Her mother burst into tears and Fallon was beaming with excitement. It was a special moment. There are still some good people in this world.
Here are some photos, of a couple showing off their bombshell face. (He’s really proud of that face)

Well done to the awesome person who bought the guitar and congratulations to Fallon on his new sick ax!

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