Music Exec Lucas Joyner & Partners are disrupting the music industry with innovative Metaverse platform, AtEM.

A revolutionary project combining music, art and blockchain technology, AtEM is the 1st platform for entertainment services in a fully interactive metaverse.

“The scope of what we aim to implement in the AtEM metaverse under the AtEM coin is vast. We will be one of the only providers in the metaverse that gives artists control over their music in new ways.”

—Lucas Joyner

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 27, 2022 / — Art in its various expressions is how we see the world. From painting to dance to poetry, art in all its forms, especially music, is a universal language that crosses all cultures, origins and races. It’s no surprise that it has become central to newer forms of cryptocurrency – non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – as coins can exist on the blockchain with a plethora of use cases.

Music’s contribution to entertainment and the art world is paramount and too many aspiring artists lack access to the platforms to establish themselves on the path to a successful career. In fact, an industry report published by Next Big Sound indicates that “90.7% of musical artists will remain unknown, with only 9.3% reaching the big leagues.” AtEM is here to change that narrative!

The momentum of the platform is rapidly gaining momentum in the music industry. AtEM’s star celebrities and influencers, like Onyx’s Fredo Star, Edge of Paradise, Crackhead Henry, Combichrist, Jace Owens and Johnny Apollo, are powerful ambassadors for the platform’s reach. Releasing its debut track, Supa Peach’s Say Sum Else through its music arm on June 10, AtEM is transforming the world of music through strategic partnerships.

An innovative take on how artists of all genres and skill levels can access the world of music, AtEM combines the best of Lucas Joyner’s legacy artist management with innovative Metaverse blockchain technology; giving artists the ability to take control of their content in a way that has yet to be fully utilized. Joyner and his partners’ incredible plans for AtEM are visionary.

AtEM is the first entertainment services platform in a fully interactive Metaverse-style environment. “AtEM” stands for Arts + Entertainment Metaverse. AtEM is not just about the metaverse and the graphics and development associated with it, but it’s also a whole new way to market NFTs and the entertainment industry. This also includes music. Our goal is to change the ease with which an artist can maintain a career and be self-sufficient through blockchain technology as well as traditional routes. A key distinction for AtEM is that they bring the infrastructure to artists who need to navigate a post-pandemic market.

AtEM brings everything a performer needs in one package easily accessible in the Metaverse. From recording and producing content, booking and tour planning, marketing and PR, to distributing content on digital service providers (DSPs) and blockchain, AtEM provides a one-stop shop unique highly interactive for every serious or budding artist.

AtEM stands out from the multitude of emerging Metaverse projects due to a clear direction for the project, an achievable roadmap, and the utilities provided. The AtEM Metaverse is unrivaled in how it holds the potential to shift the musical space for the better while unleashing the mundane aspects of being an artist in today’s industry.

“The scope of what we aim to implement in the AtEM metaverse under the AtEM coin is vast. We will be one of the only providers in the metaverse space that gives artists the ability to take control of their music from new ways, says Joyner”.

AeTM has implemented a play-to-win system for numerous mini-games and activities, as well as content interaction through AtEM music distribution services. The advantage of a game-to-win system is that it brings value not only to artists, but also to gamers who want to make a living playing games, and to crypto investors who want to see a big project. prosper.

To make the most of it, users are encouraged to participate in all events and promotions that earn them AtEM coins, as well as purchase special land NFTs and digital assets for sale. AtEM Metaverse users also have the option of purchasing one of the customizable NFTs we are currently developing. The AtEM Metaverse will soon have its own NFT marketplace to customize NFTs, which will also increase investor investment for that particular NFT. In addition to the AtEM NFT platform, they bring their own staking platform for ATEM coins and AtEM NFTs.

The first step to becoming an AtEM Metaverse Citizen (so you can use all features at launch) is to purchase an AtEM Land Plot NFT. Holding AtEM Land Plot NFT will cement your claim to access one of the largest artist hubs in Metaverse space, or any space for that matter. With the care and thought we put into this project, there is definitely something unique and appealing to everyone. Holding and trading AtEM coins would be the second way to get involved in the AtEM metaverse. The presale is just days away and it’s a great opportunity to grab some AtEM parts way before anyone else.

The AtEM Metaverse is something that will change the entertainment industry forever.

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