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The way some people behave in their respective is remarkable. Their work skill gave growth to their industry. Especially today’s young talents that go hand in hand with technology, social and digital platform have also played a vital role to establish themselves effectively. Take a look at one of these talented and popular names in the music world, exciting industry and massive listeners with his soulful voice – Harish Rathod. His day begins and ends with musical creation. He loves to practice for long hours and create a mesmerizing track which even pours happiness in his life of millions of listeners and removes all the stress after hearing his musical art.

Harish Rathod, also known by his stage name ‘Townsinger Harish Rathod’, was born in Ringnod village in Ratlam district, Madhya Pradesh. After graduating from Sharda Vidya Mandir, her childhood dream was to become a singer. Coming from a middle-class family, he comes from a wealthy background. A fire in his father’s store forced him to lose his livelihood as a merchant. So, Harish Rathod gave up singing to take care of his family and started teaching children at a coaching institute.

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However, establishing himself as a successful singer in this huge industry has not been an easy task. Despite his young age, he undertakes a long journey in the world of musk. It was at a time when a lot of people didn’t even consider their talent a career. Despite his hard work and dedication, his passion for his job kept him from achieving his dream.

Eventually, he worked tirelessly for a government job and became a postmaster at the post office, protecting his family from financial hardship. However, his childhood addiction brought him back to singing. Following his irresistible fight, he returned to his career as a singer.

As a singer, he used to sing in Kirtan, Jagrata, but he didn’t like this platform so much because he had big dreams. He wrote and sang his first love song, ‘Main Saans Hoon’, with the money he had saved: ‘Mujhko Tere Darshan Ho Jate’, ‘Khatu Dham Aaya’ and ‘Khatu Dham Aaya’, with his own words, composition, and acting.

Music is the platform that has always welcomed young talents like Harish Rathod, who is the future of the music industry. Although it is a competitive industry where only unique skills, creative and artistic spirit can only survive, Harish Rathod is endowed with all the qualities of a musical artist.

Besides becoming a hit, her song “Main Saans Hoon” gained popularity on YouTube and social media. If you listen to this song with your eyes closed, you will feel as close to someone as possible. Someone will be made of this person. You will be very close to this person despite the fact that they are far from you for some reason. This song must be listened to without open eyes at least once.

Harish Rathod’s difficult journey led to a great platform: India’s Singing Icon. He learned a lot by participating in such a great show and impressed people with his singing abilities. Unlike a fish from a small pond that stays here, Harish Rathod is a sea shark that has decided to rule the roost. He is about to become famous again by singing a devotional song, which he will bring by December.

Best wishes to the young rising star of the music world for all his future endeavours. Stay tuned to the artist on

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Alice P. Darby