Monty Bhandari emerges as the melodious singer taking the music industry by storm

Behind every great music there is a phenomenal singer who goes all out to produce music tracks that soothe the souls of individuals. Monty Bhandari is one of those remarkable singers who dominates the music charts with his exemplary compositions and energetic rhythm. Having an in-depth knowledge of the music industry, the singer inspires millions of young, up-and-coming musicians to dream big and work hard to make their name in the musical universe. Not only does he rule people’s hearts, but he also works to give a chance to newcomers who are striving to make a name for themselves in the musical field.

With his magical musical rhythms and powerful Punjabi tadka, the singer recently made his debut as a singer. Having a strong passion for the music and entertainment industry, the singer released the song “Kaali Lambo” under the label “Cali Boys” on their official YouTube page which garnered huge love from the audience. Coming from a humble background, Monty Bhandari never loses hope but stays true to his desires and goals to achieve something no one has yet achieved. His song was shot in Los Angeles, and through the song, Monty Bhandari got his start in the music industry.

Speaking about his musical journey, musician Monty Bhandari said, “I believe nothing could stop you from touching the horizons if you have total confidence in yourself. Starting my music label has never been easy, but what keeps me going is my passion and constructive thinking.” He added: “Stay strong even in your weakest moments. When you can’t resist what life has in store for you, try to communicate but retain your inner strength as it will help you weather life’s most intense storms. ”

Singer Monty Bhandari has proven that nothing is impossible if you have a strong desire to achieve something. From being a truck driver, store manager and housekeeper to carving out a name for herself in the music business, the singer becomes an inspiration to millions of others who step back when obstacles come their way. The musician has also invested his energy in the production of several television shows. He participated in the reality show ‘super studs’ in 2011 and appeared in a few television shows on NDTV imagine. Apart from this, the singer has also done several print shoots and appeared in a men’s magazine in 2007. The singer is from Amritsar and further plans to compose music that encourages young aspirants to produce something something that creates progress in the musical field.

Monty Bhandari sang the beautiful song and the lyrics were provided by Preet Word. Moreover, the song was produced by Gursharan Pannu who was there with him in every high and low moment of his life. Additionally, the song was directed by Yash Wadali, who made his directing debut with the release of this song. With his heartfelt efforts and soulful approach, the singer is on his way to becoming a strong support system for those just starting out in the music world. Although he has encountered quite a few hurdles and roadblocks in his professional journey, the singer never breaks down but rather has confidence in his talent and launched his music label to conquer the world of the music industry. . So, it is not wrong to say that singer Monty Bhandari will be the rising new face of the entertainment industry.


Alice P. Darby