Meet the Marvelous Macro Music Maker

Do you kind of want a macropad, but not sure how to use it? Hackaday alum [Jeremy Cook] Now makes and sells the JC Pro Macro on Tindie, which is exactly what it sounds like – a Pro Micro-based macro keyboard with an OLED display and rotary encoder. In the video below, [Jeremy] shows how he became a music maker by adding a speaker and a small solenoid that percussion, while retaining the functionality of the original macro pad.

[Jeremy]The original idea for a drum was to have a servo swinging a stick back and forth across the table like one might nervously twist a pencil. It didn’t work out very well, so he went to the solenoid and printed something to keep it straight, and we absolutely love it. The drum is controlled with the rotary encoder: press to turn the rhythm on or off and turn it to change the BPM.

To facilitate the connection of the solenoid and the speaker, [Jeremy] have a small I²C help card made. There is one SVG connection and one with power and ground exchanged when needed. If you are interested in the JC Pro macro, you can pick it up in different forms on Tindie. Of course, you might want to wait for version 2, which is come to Kickstarter in October.

There are many ways to create a macro keyboard. Here’s one that takes gesture input as well.

Alice P. Darby