Mayor Funk excited about business ahead of restrictions easing


The mayor of Steinbach said it was a great relief to the business community as well as to residents whose provincial restrictions are expected to ease on Saturday.

“I’m always happy when I hear the restrictions are easing,” Funk said after hearing the announcement earlier in the week. “I think the whole province and of course the residents of Steinbach are thrilled too. Businesses can open more, there are fewer restrictions on retail and restaurants. This is a good thing. business owners do what they do and that’s doing business. “

Funk says the business community has struggled, but so have a number of places and people. “I think when you are under restrictions for so long everyone gets tired of the restrictions. It has happened all over our province and Steinbach is no exception. It is a step in the right direction. J ‘look forward to a post-COVID life and I am very excited for the restrictions that will be lifted on Saturday. “

As for the residents of Steinbach, Mayor Funk sends this message. “I want to thank you for doing your part. We’re about to get out of this, we just need to keep going. Use common sense wherever you can. Let’s go ahead and thank you all for going. have done your part. “

“One thing we’ve missed the most is coming together in worship centers,” Funk said. “This is something that we have really missed. Getting together in church is very important to us. To see them open up more is also amazing. We have been waiting for this for so long. We have prayed and hoped for this and it is finally starting to happen. “

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