Limerick SummerFest 2022 set to bring music, arts and culture to Limerick

Limerick SummerFest 2022 is a celebration of inclusion and diversity in Limerick

Limerick SummerFest 2022 brings music, arts and culture to Limerick from June 17-18

The event will host musical artists from different musical genres from all over Ireland and will also host international artists from different countries.

Limerick Summerfest and Afropopcity are delighted to present Limerick SummerFest 2022. Limerick SummerFest is a music, arts and culture festival that aims to promote inclusion and diversity in Limerick and Ireland. The event will host musical artists from different musical genres from all over Ireland and will also host international artists from different countries. Two of the festival’s main headliners are international afrobeat and hip-hop artists Buju and Omah Lay. The event is scheduled for June 17-18, 2022.

Limerick SummerFest’s aim is to create a platform for everyone in Ireland, regardless of ethnicity, gender, race or belief system, to get involved in a socially beneficial event. and also to promote Irish music, arts and culture. The festival also supports the Pieta, as mental health is an issue that needs to be raised more in the arts. Donations will be made to support the services of the association.

The organizers encourage people inside and outside Limerick to take part in the event and to volunteer. They believe that by volunteering for this event we would be able to promote the inclusion and participation of Limerick residents.

Speaking of Limerick SummerFest 2022, Segun Samuel, Founder and Director of Communications of Limerick SummerFest, said: “We are beyond thrilled to finally be able to bring a music and arts festival to Limerick. There has been a lot of planning and work put into this event, and we intend to use this medium to engage with various communities across Limerick and Ireland. Limerick is a diverse city, with thousands of international students and migrants coming every year to study or start a new life, and with this event we intend to make Limerick a center of excellence and add value to city life. We want people to visit Limerick City more and see what we are doing here. Limerick Summerfest highlights a new, fun, diverse, accessible and exciting way to engage with the city of Limerick and show that there is always more to Limerick. Diversity is one of our main pillars. We believe this event is important for the Limerick public to access and interact with. This festival is a perfect space for artists to come together as one voice in the city of Limerick. The two years leading up to this period were difficult, and this event is an opening to find the social reason, which is why we also decided to use it as a means of raising awareness about mental health issues.

Limerick SummerFest is an annual event that hosts a collection of music, arts and culture in Limerick. The cultural and arts festival was founded by Oriowo Segun Samuel, a Masters graduate from the University of Limerick. The aim of the festival is to be a recurring event that creates a dynamic atmosphere of fun, entertainment and inclusion for residents of Limerick and beyond. While promoting arts, culture and music, the event aims to improve the quality of urban life in Limerick.

Afropopcity is Afropopcity is a music event planning and promotion organization based in Limerick. Founded in 2018 by Anthony Onaloye aka DJ Southside and co-founder Mamobo Ogoro. Afropopcity’s mission is to create a community for Afrobeat, hip-hop and rap lovers across Ireland. They curate, promote and showcase the latest Afrobeat, Hip-Hop and Afro-Irish music and artists at our monthly events which cater to our diverse community.

Anthony Onaloye, founder of Afropopcity also said: “We are delighted to be partners with Limerick Summerfest 2022. As this would be an annual festival, it will serve as a means of generating revenue for the creative industry and being a driving force for the arts in Limerick. As we also support Pieta, we aim to promote awareness of suicide and depression in Limerick and beyond and to create an inclusive environment for cultural diversity in Limerick and Ireland.

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Alice P. Darby