KY3 Story Helps Springfield Music Store Recover Stolen Guitars

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Thieves have stolen guitars worth thousands of dollars from a Springfield music store. And store surveillance detected the theft. These guitars are back in the store, all thanks to the police and customers who shared our original story.

Cheryl Bodendieck is the store manager for Ernie Williamson Music. And she credited their customers.

“It was really the community watching us and sharing and supporting us, that’s how we really got them back,” Bodendieck said.

Bodendieck said the awareness helped tremendously.

“They were on the prowl, they were going to our Facebook page, sharing the story even more, and it took on a life of its own,” Bodendieck said.

Bodendieck said after the story aired on KY3, people reached out like crazy.

“People all over the state knew what happened,” Bodendieck said. “He had arrived where my family lives in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.”

Security footage of the incident showed two men posing as customers rushing for the door, with workers and customers running after them.

Bodendieck said the thieves left fingerprints on that guitar, leaving valuable clues for investigators.

“As a local business, it’s our community that keeps us here, and so we’re very, very grateful and very grateful to our customers, especially those who were with us that day,” Bodendieck said.

Bodendieck said that without the dedicated stand, the guitars might never have come back.

“They went above and beyond not just for our store but for our associates,” Bodendieck said. “They showed real concern.”

Staff said they would file a complaint. This is an ongoing investigation. We will let you know when there is more information.

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Alice P. Darby