Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber are the two big names in the Hollywood industry known for their stunning top rated releases. The two pop stars from various beginnings rocked the business with their ability. Some of their new music is in the R&B style and they have broken many records. The music industry has the finest male performers who have conquered the music world with their shocking presentations. Among these artisans, Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik are essentially astonishing presentations. They have been leading the style business for quite some time and have made a viable entry into the world of design.

Zayn Malik as we all know is an extremely recognizable artist and engaged every fan with his incredible singing ability. From his Factor X trial until he joined the greatest children’s group of all time, “One Direction,” he has run the business. Zayn Malik had a great profession in the band, after he left the band 1D fans were crushed. Nonetheless, Zayn has never disappointed his fans regarding his worthy outfits.

Canadian singer Justin, once again, has been without any help crushing the business with his best deliveries and more. Either way, a flannel shirt has become a staple in the business and he just loves it.

Check out these awesome hot pics of the two hot singers and tell us which song you like the most !!!

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