Here are all the companies in the music industry that left Russia

The Zhivopisny Bridge in Moscow, Russia. Photo credit: Alexandre Smagin

From major labels to Live Nation and many more, a number of music industry companies have left Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine. Here is a comprehensive list of businesses and organizations that no longer operate in the European nation.

nation live

Live Nation was one of the first companies in the music industry to pull out of Russia. “We will not promote shows in Russia”, the owner of Ticketmaster wrote on social media on March 2. “We will not do business with Russia.”

Additionally, artists like Green Day, Eric Clapton and My Chemical Romance have canceled their previously scheduled Russian tour stops.


Spotify closed its office in Russia, suspended ads in the country of more than 144 million people and made its Premium version unavailable to domestic users. This latest move will cost the company about 1.5 million paid accounts, according to CFO Paul Vogel.

Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group

Universal Music Group was the first of the three major labels to announce that it would stop doing business in Russia. Two days later, the other major labels in the music industry, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, also left the country.


Pieter van Rijn, CEO of downtown property FUGA, informed guests in an email: 12:00 CET to Thursday March 10FUGA will suspend the delivery of any new music from our FUGA aggregation license to the following digital service providers and content platforms: Yandex, VKontakte (delivered via UMA) and Zvooq/Sberzvuk. »

The city center itself followed by the withdrawal of Russia today, by music allywith CEO Andrew Bergman stating in a message to staff: “This means that we will not distribute any new music to Russian DSPs, including Yandex, VKontakte and Zvooq, we will end all local music publishing royalty collection activities and we will exclude Russia from all countries in the world. synchronization licenses.

YouTube and Google

YouTube and the Google Play Store have suspended “all payment-based services in Russia, including subscriptions”, according to Reuters, and the move presumably extends to YouTube Music.


SoundExchange took on social media to announce his withdrawal from Russia. In a statement, President and CEO Michael Huppe said, “With the horrific events unfolding in Ukraine, SoundExchange has decided to terminate our agreement with the Russian Intellectual Property Organization (VOIS).

“We do not take this step lightly, but as a matter of principle we believe it is important to show our support for the Ukrainian people when they need it. Everyone deserves to live in peace in a vibrant and free society.


In a statement released today, a spokesperson for Kobalt said: “Kobalt will suspend all business activity in Russia and has expressed support for any decision that would cut the local Russian collection company, RAO, from the network of collection companies. .”

PRS for music

On Tuesday, March 8, PRS for Music informed the media that it had “officially suspended” its relations with the Society of Russian Authors (RAO).

Oak View Group

On the last day of February, Irving Azoff’s Oak View Group said, “In light of the tragic and rapidly unfolding conflict in Ukraine, Oak View Group is committed not to do business in or with Russia. , and we will not serve Russian brands in any of our sites on a worldwide basis, effective immediately.

“We stand with the people of Ukraine, we condemn Russia’s actions and we hope our position will inspire others in our industry to act where they can.”


The European Broadcasting Union has blocked Russian actors from taking part in Eurovision 2022.


CISAC, headquartered in Paris, launched a “solidarity fund” to support Ukraine, but refrained from cutting ties with Russia. ASCAP said it “provides financial support” to the fund.

Alice P. Darby