Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 18 – Winter 2021 – Winter in the music industry

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IIn this edition, our goal is to let budding young creatives know that there are many roles available in the music and entertainment industry beyond the stage. It takes a lot of people behind the scenes to make the industry work. Songwriters, session musicians, lighting, producers, engineers, graphic designers, licensing, A&R, record companies, publicists, promoters, photographers, administrative assistants, managers, roadies, luthiers, teachers, executives, music journalists – even publishers like me – and the list goes on!

In these pages you will find articles on what it takes to be successful in the industry; believe me, as Deborah Fairchild of VEVA Sound explains, “Be prepared to pay your dues.” We chatted with women in many different roles to highlight some of the industry positions, from artists and executives to publicists and even a painter. You will find that many of these women started in entry-level positions and worked their way up to managerial positions and in some cases even started their own businesses. Plus, our backers offered some tips based on their years of experience!

Nikki o’neill spoke with industry professionals in his article “Careers in Music Beyond Performing”, and Deborah Fairchild from VEVA Sound gave us some tips earlier this year on what she thinks it takes to be successful in the industry in her article “Interested in a career in the music industry? Be prepared to pay your dues. Bandzoogle offers some tips on how guitarists can promote their music with a website.

Cover artist Caroline jones is not only an artist but also has her own radio station called Art & Soul. We spoke with several executives: Deborah Fairchild, President of Its VEVA, who started in the company as an archivist; Stacey Bedford, CEO of Bandzoogle, who started in the company as a support technician; and Alison ball, President of TuneGO, who has worked in the industry his entire career. ebony blacksmith is a producer and sound engineer for Atlantic Records and founder of Amplified genre At New York. Candace avery is the founder of the International Songwriting Competition.

We have Jill pavel, who own PR Nation Advertising and Heart song discs. Cover artist Rissi palmer is a recording artist and is also involved in charity work as well as her own radio show on Apple Music called Color the country for me. Well-known brands D’Addario and Seymour Duncan join us with Suzanne D’Addario Brouder as executive director of the D’Addario Foundation and Cathy Carter Duncan as CEO. Known as the Folk Rock Diva, Lilli lewis recently released his new album Americana and co-founder of the Black Opry Fest.

When you’re not playing with the Molly Miller Trio, Dr Molly Miller teaches at Los Angeles College of Music. the Freight sisters use the internet to highlight women in music, and Shira yevin crashed the Vans Warped Tour in 2004, launching the very first stage for girl groups called the Shiragirl Stage. Sharon cline, Master Painter for Dean Guitars USA, knows his way through a paint shop and has been painting guitars for several decades, getting his first gig with Parker Guitars.

For reviews, we tried the new one Fender Sonoran Mini Acoustic, the Fender Marine Double Layer Reverb pedal, the Nancy Wilson Epiphone Fanatic, D’Angelico’s Excel Series Gramercy XT Grand Auditorium AE, Pigtronix Moon Pedal Dynamic Tremvelope Phaser, Pigtronix Gamma Drive analog overdrive, Pigtronix Infinity 3 Deluxe Stereo Double Looper with MIDI, and Singdaptive.

For the class, Nikki o’neill teaches us how to make songs memorable with “Right pace. “ Oh… and let’s not forget, we’ve added a new section on health and wellness, and then, of course, our tips and fun stuff! Another action-packed edition!

Fender Collection 2 from IK Multimedia

Alice P. Darby