Greater Sudbury Music Store Celebrates 50 High Notes


Sudbury’s Jett Landry Music celebrates its 50th anniversary on Tuesday.

Jett Landry, 81, said he opened his own store to help people enjoy and learn music of all genres on all kinds of instruments. Landry said his musical life has been a learning curve, from operating a retail store to offering lessons in playing almost any instrument except brass.

“A lot of guys ask me, hey Jett, are you still playing? I said no but I’m training, hoping for the big break,” Landry said with a laugh.

He said it all started in the 1960s when he couldn’t afford an electric guitar, so he worked at a music store to pay for one. On December 7, 1971, he opened his own Jett Landry Music store.

“The people of Sudbury have been very supportive of the music industry, all fellow musicians and so forth,” Landry said.

“And…a big part of the game was socializing with people and telling them what we know about the music scene.”

Landry said he has seen many changes over the past half-decade.

“The different genres of music,” he said. “In our time it was country, rock ‘n’ roll, then disco came along. Now heavy metal is all the rage and folk in the 70s.”

Landry said his company has succeeded because of certain core values.

“Resilience, determination, courage and patience and whatever, you know, you have to work with what you have,” he said.

“But honesty and integrity is the biggest part of it.”

Landry is in his store interacting with customers on a daily basis. His son is also in the business and plans to carry on this strong musical tradition one day.

Alice P. Darby