Gopesh Official: The Future of the Music Industry

Professional musicians who are either world famous singers who perform in arenas with an exorbitant lifestyle, or who don’t have the chance to perform in a dip while giving up a “regular job”. Take a look at reality and you will find plenty of people who fall somewhere in between the independent musician trying to make a living from his music in many ways. Not only are more and more artists entering the music industry without the help of a record label, they are also the fastest growing segment of the global record music industry.

One of these emerging stars is GopeshOfficial, a 23-year-old Indian. Gopesh is a member of Fame Red Records, which started out as a group of friends playing music and has grown into a collaboration of independent artists pursuing careers in music for themselves and their families.

Fame Red Records aspires to be the best label for independent artists of the 21st century, with seven signed artists. GopeshOffical, the creator of Fame Red, has a sound unlike any other. His music is diverse, intriguing and avant-garde.

GopeshOfficial’s latest single, Let’s be together, stars R&B superstar NEON. He drew a lot of attention to Gopesh, especially SUM Music, the app that made the connection to NEON.

SUM is a social music streaming platform that has partnered with NEON to provide space for independent artists such as GopeshOfficial, which has around 150,000 streams on the app. He was also named SUM and Soundstar Artist of the Week lately. GopeshOffical was able to present their music on a new platform and in new ways as Artist of the Week.

Down4, NextStreetWay and DreamLion are among the artists with whom the emerging musician is striving to collaborate. GopeshOfficial promises to keep releasing wonderful music and working hard to achieve public recognition for the goal of platinum records, Grammy nominations and big name inclusions.

GopeshOffical is widely regarded as one of the genre’s most renowned artists. He is widely followed in the region and spreads his influence around the world. He has also amassed a massive fan base on social media and music streaming services. His continued success shows that he is the result of sheer talent and hard work, rather than fluke.

Posted on November 17, 2021

Alice P. Darby