FYA FOX: “I had invested so much in the music industry, and I just felt like I wasn’t getting anything back”

“Like Loving Jesus” is the name of FYA FOX’s new single, but it’s not really about Jesus. During our chat, the up-and-coming pop artist discussed her inspirations behind the moody track, her love for London Grammar, her headlining gig at The Workman’s in November, and the dark side of the industry. music…

“Sit for hours counting the daisies, like picking the petals is gonna save me now,” FYA FOX sings on her powerful new single “Like Loving Jesus.” It’s a raw and emotional piece, carried to perfection by his crystalline voice. It is also his third song of the year.

With the release of ‘Hit Me Where It Hurts’ and ‘BUSY’, as well as attending some of her early festivals, it’s been a pretty busy summer (no pun intended) for the Armagh native. However, FYA revealed that pre-Covid behind-the-scenes events have actually strained its recent productivity.

“I had been working with these producers for three years and they kept pushing and pushing me away. I was kind of naive to work with them because I had never done it before,” she said. explained, wearing a striped knit top. and wearing necklaces of gold and pearls. “Long story short, one of them wanted to manage me and control everything I did, everything I said. He was commenting on what I was wearing in the studio…So for three years I never went out music when I should have gone out.

The collaboration ended just before the onset of the pandemic and indirectly influenced his most recent work. Describing its sound as alternative pop or electropop, FYA drew attention to the moody pre-chorus and verses of “Like Loving Jesus,” which was written with Bill Maybury and Matthew Weir on Zoom. during lockdown. The chorus, however, “comes with a bang,” she smiles.

“I wrote it at a time when the music industry had come to a standstill, and I was in a state of mind like, ‘What am I doing with my life?’ I had invested so much in the music industry, and I just felt like I wasn’t getting anything back,” FYA explained of the inspiration behind her track, adding that the religious angle is more of a metaphor.” It’s something that we drew inspiration from for this song. We were trying to think of a concept that would relate to other people and so many people of different faiths give so much to their faith, or believe so much in something.

Suffice it to say, the music industry, and especially the live music scene, has been hit hard during the pandemic. However, time has also helped FYA FOX get back on track. “It kind of grounded me and refocused my focus, because before Covid my brain was like a spider diagram and I didn’t know what I was focusing on, or what I needed to focus on,” the singer explained. This summer she performed at the BBC Introducing Stage at Output Belfast as well as the Sult and Stendhal festivals.

Despite her rural upbringing on the border between Armagh and Monaghan, where country music is all the rage, FYA was obsessed with the pop music scene from an early age. “Everyone on my Instagram or Snapchat was like ‘Garth Brooks, Garth Brooks, Garth Brooks,'” she laughed, recalling the country superstar’s five shows at Dublin’s Croke Park in September. “I hope many of you will come to my show in November” – that is, FYA FOX’s showpiece concert at The Workman’s Cellar on November 5, 2022.

When it comes to her own music, the classically trained singer struggles to figure out where she falls in terms of genre. With musical inspirations like London Grammar, Lana Del Rey, SZA (“I love her tone and voice”), Florence + the Machine and FKA twigs (“I think she’s crazy live”), she is always felt a little disconnected place because she didn’t have a typical pop voice.

“I always had a love-hate relationship with my voice, because I would have been obsessed with other pop singers and then I was always like, ‘I don’t sound like that,'” FYA explained. “That’s why singers like Hannah Reid [of London Grammar] or even Florence + the Machine made me feel more like, ‘Oh, yeah, I can fit in here. I can find my little place in this little world.

“Classic training definitely helps with breathing and your diaphragm, and all the technical stuff. The longer I do this, or the more music I get out of, the more at peace I am with my own voice,” a- she added, admitting that she is actually his own worst critic.

Which Irish artists does FYA listen to? “The talent here at the minute is just insane. It always does,” the singer smiled, naming April, the R&B singer of CMAT, Moncrieff, Hozier and Kildare, among her favorite Irish musicians of the moment. FYA also participated in Hot Press X [email protected] event with Dublin rapper Malaki earlier this month, which left her in awe of Malaki’s spectacular performance.

“It was the first time I saw him live. I was just there going, ‘Wow, he’s crazy. He is so powerful. I walked out of the gig and all the way back I listened to all his music on Spotify,” she said. Hot Press are set to present another highly anticipated live music event at One Windmill Lane on October 6, where The Coronas will take the stage on the eve of the release of their new album. Stopped time.

Speaking of concerts, FYA FOX has a lot in store for its flagship show at The Workman’s Cellar on November 5, 2022. “I can’t wait. It’s going to be crazy, ”she enthused. “My first show upstairs at Whelan’s last November was surreal, like the room was packed. He was sold. I’m hoping for a big turnout but it’s a bigger room this time around so it’s a bit scary.

What can fans expect? “It will be my full group, so it will be me and the two guys… Just everyone getting together, having fun!” I would love to make this show in November really, really special,” the artist said, after supporting British singer-songwriter Lola Young and Brooklyn electro-pop duo Water From Your Eyes earlier this year. . FYA FOX are preparing to perform live in Leeds on October 15 and will begin rehearsals for their flagship show shortly thereafter.

With so much to do, it’s essential to relax once in a while. According to FYA, mountain biking is the way to go. “You are totally focused on what you are doing. I would go running too, but I think you still have time to overthink everything. But when you’re mountain biking you’re so focused, it’s like ‘Don’t fall, don’t kill yourself,’” she laughed, adding that she had the best time on a recent trip. in the Austrian mountains.

As we approach the final months of the year, FYA FOX has announced big plans for 2023. “I’m thinking about releasing an EP but I’m not sure. Potentially an EP, definitely new music. There is always new music,” she smiles. Lots to look forward to!

Get tickets for FYA FOX at The Workman’s Cellar at 8 p.m. on November 5, 2022 here.

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Alice P. Darby