From a robot teacher to a music maker, companies are already releasing the latest toys

MIAMI- Christmas is five months away, but companies are already releasing the latest toys that are likely to be on kids’ wish lists this year.

The Toy Insider recently displayed them at its latest event in New York. Many of the new toys hitting store shelves incorporate technology.

“They use technology in toys in a way that really helps kids learn and grow,” says Laurie Schacht, president and director of toys at The Toy Insider.

This includes the Snorble. The personal robot can be a teacher, showing children a color and then asking them what the color is. The device can also help children develop a better sleep schedule and even comfort them if they have a bad dream.

There’s also the Vital Hero, a portable band that gets kids moving. The interactive tracker combines play with physical activity.

A new portable device from RUKUSfx lets kids create their own music. The speaker plays a song, but kids can change the beat and timing by moving their wrist in different directions.

There are also new dolls on the market, including characters from the Netflix series Karma’s World.

But whatever the toy, be prepared to pay more.

“Because toy prices are higher due to inflation,” says Schacht.

She adds that there is good news. The toy shortages that have hit the market over the past two years are easing, but parents should still plan to shop early to ensure they get the toys they want.

Alice P. Darby