Econet Leverages Technology to Drive Music Industry Growth

The Chronicle

business journalist

ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe says it will continue to grow the country’s music industry by leveraging technology to generate more revenue for musicians.

The pledge comes at a time when music sales by artists have declined, as well as overall income for musicians, due to piracy, declining consumer disposable income and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our goal is to have digital platforms that facilitate the development of online media marketplaces and social interactions.

“Buddie Beatz is one of those digital apps designed to grow the music industry,” said the country’s leading mobile telecommunications company.

Econet’s commitment follows the launch of Mathias Mhere’s “Thanksgiving” album on the Buddie Beatz platform.

Buddie Beatz has become Zimbabwe’s first digital music platform that promotes and supports the local arts industry through the digital distribution of local music across Zimbabwe and beyond.

The music app has grown, with downloads or recordings of over 1.08 million, with over 50,000 songs.

Econet said the popular music streaming app provides a unique opportunity for local musicians and content promoters to immediately connect with Econet’s millions of customers, as well as millions of Africans around the world.

“Buddie Beatz is available to everyone on any local network and across the globe and has brought the best Afro and international music to audiences around the world.

“The music content available covers many age groups, providing choice and variety for customers. The most popular genres are Zimdancehall, Urban Grooves, House, Afro-fusion, Sungura and traditional music, Chimurenga and Jazz,” the company said. society.

In 2021 alone, more than 3,000 artists have received the equivalent of US$60,000 in payment for their music streamed on the platform, demonstrating how Buddie Beatz has begun to play a pivotal role in sustaining the livelihoods of people. Zimbabwean artists.

Econet’s partnership with Buddie Beatz artists, including communications and marketing support, began to catapult the partner artists’ reach across various media channels, dramatically increasing their visibility and popularity.

In recent years, technology and the Internet have dramatically changed the music landscape, transforming how listeners access music and how artists connect with their fans.

Musicians have had to embrace change, adapt to new technologies and have an active, ever-changing and engaging online presence.

Econet says it urges all musicians to maximize their online presence by joining the Buddie Beatz platform to increase their growth opportunities within the music industry.

The Buddie Beatz app can be downloaded from the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.

Alice P. Darby