Earthdance co-presents Word. Sound. Power. Music – Arts Fest – August 13

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Minneapolis, Minnesota August 4, 2022 ( – Earthdance co-presents Word. Sound. Power. Music & Arts Fest, featuring four Earthdance artists, Mykal Rose + Subatomic Sound System, Junior Dread, Up Bustle & Out, Green Lion Crew & Edica+!

It promises to be one of the biggest celebrations of sound system culture in the United States: in the open air, in the style of the inaugural “Word” block party. Sound. Power. Music & Arts Festival,” Aug. 13 from noon to 10 p.m. in downtown Minneapolis.

Safer The Magazine+:

Headlining, legendary singers Mykal Rose and Johnny Osbourne, as well as Junior Dread!

Sharing his vision for the festival, which he hopes to repeat every year (and eventually expand to different parts of the country and the world!), founder Scott Stanley said, “It really is a toast to sound system culture. . Not only do we have reggae legends, but we also have drum and bass legends, like the guy who brought drums and bass to America, DJ Soul Slinger. You know, you have all these generational artists – who hardly play anymore – who come to do this event. Because not only are they friends, but they understand the whole concept of this festival and what it can do for America. And what it can do for the sound system culture here.

There will be five live graffiti artists and 10-12 other live painters creating art, as well as multiple food trucks and dining options! The event may sell out, but they still hope to sell tickets at the door. But why take this risk? Don’t miss this opportunity: get your tickets today!

Ticket link: Address: 56 Brewing, 3055 NE Columbia Ave, Minneapolis Minn.

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