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(Telegraph Photo by DEAN SHALHOUP) A paramedic walks back to an ambulance as a building security official assesses the damage to Darrell’s Music Hall after this SUV crashed into the south side of the store around noon today.

NASHUA — Standing between two pianos in the showroom of Darrell’s Music Hall, Adam Darrell and a customer had just concluded their conversation when a typical Tuesday lunchtime at the downtown Nashua store suddenly turned into anything but.

The customer hadn’t yet walked through the door when the sounds of twisting metal, breaking glass and splintering wood filled the store and froze everyone in their tracks.

“Thirty seconds earlier, we were there” Darrell said later Tuesday, pointing to where he and the client were standing before parting ways.

What Darrell and a handful of others in the store heard at the time was that the south wall of the store was partially giving way, the result of an SUV crashing through the windows and brick and s immobilizing halfway through the showroom.

Darrell said it appeared the driver of the SUV had suffered a medical condition causing him to lose control of the vehicle as he approached the intersection of Water and Main streets.

(Photo by ADAM DARRELL) Firefighters are assessing the situation after helping paramedics rescue the driver of the SUV that crashed into Darrell’s Music Hall around noon on Tuesday. The driver is believed to have suffered a medical emergency that caused him to lose control of the vehicle.

He said a passenger in the vehicle, who appeared unharmed, grabbed the steering wheel and attempted to stop the vehicle.

Firefighters helped the driver out of the vehicle and an AMR ambulance transported him to a local hospital.

The incident marked the second time in months that a vehicle has crashed into the store, Darrell said. The previous crash caused relatively minor damage, he added.

Darrell said he hopes to be able to reopen the store on Wednesday, once a structural engineer examines the building to ensure it is safe to occupy.

A crew arrived shortly after the accident and set up a frame, which they covered with plywood to temporarily secure the building.

(Photo by ADAM DARRELL) The SUV that crashed into the south side of Darrell’s Music Hall on Tuesday came to rest partially in the store’s piano showroom. No one inside was injured, but it was a close call for Adam Darrell, who was speaking to a customer outside the large windows 30 seconds before impact.

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