“Dennis Rodman’s dresses don’t bother me, his hair doesn’t bother me”: Michael Jordan couldn’t be bothered by the funky sense of style of “The Worm”


Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan have had an interesting relationship, going from passionate rivals to championship teammates in the span of a few years.

Jordan’s biggest enemies in his early days in the NBA were the “Bad Boy Pistons” led by Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer and, of course, Dennis Rodman.

The Bulls vs Pistons rivalry was one of the best, if not the best, to watch at the time as the games were often very intense and very physical with Jordan and Rodman often at the center of it all.

However, when Rodman joined the Bulls in 1995, Jordan had nothing but appreciation for him, not even caring about Rodman’s unique styles.

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Michael Jordan couldn’t care less about the way Dennis Rodman dressed or styled his hair

Rodman was an eccentric player. Not in a bad way, of course not, but he definitely had a completely different sense of style from other players.

Jordan knew it didn’t matter when it came to winning. After the 1997 season, fresh out of his second championship (five for Jordan and the Bulls now), Rodman had more than shown his worth to the team, being the high intensity rebounder and defenseman they needed to establish a formidable defensive rotation.

Jordan desperately wanted Rodman to return to the team, and he put an end to all reports that he didn’t like DPOY’s sense of style on two separate occasions.

“Her dresses don’t bother me. Her hair doesn’t bother me. Of course I mean he’s going to go crazy every now and then. We came to live with it. We have come to accept this. But you can’t find another player on the basketball court who works as hard as Dennis Rodman.

“Give 110%, dive on loose balls even if he can’t get them.” It’s Dennis Rodman. So I don’t have a problem with Dennis, and I don’t think Phil has any. I don’t think Scottie does. We’ve been able to control it to some extent, and we’re here for back-to-back champions. “

Long live the legend of Dennis Rodman, who even had the approval of the NBA GOAT.

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