Company’s exclusive music store closes after 37 years in downtown Green Bay

The Exclusive Company record store in Green Bay closed for the last time today after 37 years in the community.

The downtown store has been a statewide music staple for 66 years, with the first location in West Bend.

Tom Smith was the store manager in Green Bay for 34 of his 37 years. He’s seen a lot of changes in the music industry and the store, but nothing like what happened last November.

When founder James “Mr. G” Giombetti died in November, the store’s fate was undetermined. “We kind of thought we were going to continue, we kind of thought there was a plan for secession,” Smith said.

“It secures MG’s legacy in some ways where the place could never turn into something it hated,” Smith said.

The store has been running a vinyl and CD clearance sale for the past few weeks with local fans looking to hold on to a piece of history.

This tangible piece of history is what many buyers say they loved. Owning a vinyl or CD brings back memories of a bygone era. A time that some music fans still dream of.

Matthew Lutzow was a regular at the store and visited several locations across the state. He says the Green Bay store community is what he will miss most.

“You see all the different people from all walks of life coming here, young and old, it’s great. It’s a really cool experience to be able to have that in my life,” Lutzow said.

Although Smith is looking forward to some time to unwind, it doesn’t look like he’ll be out of the area’s music scene for too long.

He says he will make an announcement later in July on the next step for the music passion.

Alice P. Darby