Community Musician, Disruptor of Unsustainable Pay Imbalances in the Music Industry, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Community Musician is a company formed by musicians for musicians. Its ultimate goal is to “reform” and “reform” the way music is created, delivered and consumed, with the expected outcome of showing that a streaming distribution service can enjoy sustainable profitability while delivering significantly higher incomes to the artists on whom the industry relies. on.

New York, NY – September 27, 2022 – Community Musician, which has developed a three-step process to reform the music industry’s income imbalance and direct more compensation to musicians and songwriters, has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Goldman Sachs predicts a strong post-COVID comeback for the music industry — which could double in value to $142 billion by 2030 — but the share claimed by musicians themselves is shrinking unsustainably. This phenomenon is largely due to streaming services, which control 83% of all music distribution, but pay artists and songwriters less than any other form of distribution today or in the past 75 years.

Community Musician’s three-pronged solution begins by giving distribution leverage back to artists with Collectible Music Cards™, which enhance tangible assets such as records and compact discs with the same Near Field Communication (NFC) chips used in credit cards. They transfer music digitally, from the card to a smartphone music library, with just a tap. The resulting transaction provides fans with standard digital convenience while avoiding the high commission fees demanded by major app stores.

The other two strategic components are to strengthen supply and capitalize on demand: Community Musician plans to build a base of musical talent by investing in a network of cash-flow-positive rehearsal studios and creating a WeWork-style environment for musicians. From there, it will create a proprietary patronage platform similar to Patreon, which will elevate a wider range of artists and help find more stars.

“You can’t create inspiration,” says Community Musician CEO Scott Arey. “But you can create the conditions in which inspiration can occur and be ready to capture it when it occurs.”

Community Musician’s seasoned management team, which has led several multi-billion dollar valuations and exits in the past, combines decades of experience with Silicon Valley technology, IPOs and the Grammys. With its subscription-based payment model, Community Musician believes its Phase Two patronage platform alone can reach a prominence equal to that of Patreon, which last year was valued at $4 billion.

For more information about Community Musician and their current fundraiser, please visit their crowdfunding site. http://community

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