ByWard Market festival celebrates music, arts and streetwear

People enjoying the Ooh Festival on York Street in the ByWard Market. Photo credit: Alex Campbell

The ByWard Market was filled with music, street vendors and the smell of barbecue on August 13, thanks to the Ooh Festival.

Many people made their way to the pop-up market to spend the afternoon shopping, listening to music, and sampling what the food trucks had on offer.

“My boyfriend and I came here to listen to music,” said downtown resident Mike Lurch. “The energy here is fun and the barbecue smells good too.”

Diane Tate, a clothing saleswoman selling a variety of t-shirts, was pleased with the turnout. “It’s a beautiful day and a lot of people have passed through here,” she said. “I made a lot of sales today and met some really interesting people.”

Crowds strolled around the stands browsing the merchandise before congregating around the DJ, Trevor Mason, to relax, listen to hip-hop music and eat a barbecue lunch.

For many, celebrations like this renew confidence that the festivities are making a comeback after the pandemic.

“After the past two years, seeing everyone come to this event, and others I have attended recently, has given me hope that events will return to normal soon.” said event attendee Chris Cooper.

Alice P. Darby