Australia’s red card against France has been revoked, accusing the Blues of simulation


For the Australia-France match on Saturday, there are risks of discussions between the comments made by the Wallabies and the decision to cancel the red card.

Controversy to come. World Rugby announced Monday that a disciplinary authority had withdrawn the red card taken by Australian Marika Corybette during the Wallabies (33-30) victory over France in Brisbane on Saturday. Melbourne Rebels winger sent New Zealand referee Ben O’Keefe in the lead in the fifth minute to face too much, leaving fourteen of his teammates on the sidelines.

That didn’t stop them from winning and losing the series to the French, two wins at a time. Wallaby coach Dave Rennie has accused French players, especially Jellonch, of being guilty of post-game simulation.

Wallace’s coach tackles the attitude of the French

“He took advantage of the situation. French captain’s coach Wallace said. He felt something like a shock in his head, and he put his hands to his face, five seconds later before collapsing, the point of impact was completely gone. ” Before repainting: “Whenever something like a shock to the head happens, these guys (French) He pretended to hit them in the face with a sniper. The question is: should we tell our soldiers to drop to the ground like the French made every contact near the head area? I don’t think that’s the spirit of the game.

As for the Australians’ appeal following the red card, “LAPlayer Marika Corybet admitted she technically had the worst game worthy of a red card», Refers to the world press release of rugby. “After reviewing all the evidence, Marika Coriopte defeated third seed from France, Anthony Gelonche, to be the first to make shoulder-to-shoulder contact in the fifth minute of the game.. “Then, by impact, any contact with the chest and neck was accidental at the level of the choroid.», Refers to the text. “On this basis, the Committee does not maintain a red card and the player is free to start again immediately.2, explains world rugby. He could be included in the Pladislow Cup against New Zealand as early as the Wallabies’ next game on August 7.

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