Artists and fans explain how TikTok affects the music industry

Recently a video of Halsey came across my FYP on TikTok. Shortly after seeing it, it went viral. In the video, the “Bad at Love” artist explained why they were frustrated that they couldn’t release a song unless it went “viral” on TikTok.

BlackAmerica Web says other artists like FKA Twigs, Charlie XCX, Florence, Ed Sheeran and Adele have also shared their frustrations. In an interview with Apple Music, Adele said she was tired of TikTok being the hits maker.

While some fans agree, others say the music industry is to blame. See below for some of the fan tweets about it as well as the artists’ social media posts.

Charli XCX, Florence, Halsey and Ed Sheeran have all taken to TikTok to share their annoyance at TikTok’s influence. FKA Twigs also went on TikTok, but I couldn’t find her original video, so it had to be removed. I could only find the screenshot posted by @alluregaga2 on Twitter. FKA Twigs said, “It’s true that all record labels ask for tiktoks and I was scolded today for not trying hard enough”.


I could definitely see how tired artists would feel of constantly having to boost their new music on TikTok. But, on the other hand, it definitely helps artists who are new and upcoming. This video streaming platform gives them more chance to succeed. We saw it happen with Em Beihold, The Walters, Nicky Youre and many more. And, if you know how to work TikTok like Lil Nas X does, then you might also have more than one Top 40 song on your next album.

What do you think? Is TikTok ruining the music business?

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Alice P. Darby