Abbey Road Institute offers Advanced Music Industry Diploma in Australia

Abbey Road Institute (yes, THAT IS Abbey Road) offers an Advanced Music Industry Diploma in Australia. If you want to dive headfirst into the world of music, now is the time.

Do you want to make your way in the music industry, but you don’t know where to start? Look no further, because the Abbey Road Institute has formulated the perfect road in the world of music production and audio engineering, and it all has to do with their advanced music industry degree.

Almost anyone who appreciates the world of music knows that the words “Abbey Road” carry a lot of weight with them, and the world-renowned studio has teamed up with Sydney’s Studios 301 to set up shop right here in Australia, we offering Aussies a path into the music industry with the help of experts who have studied and developed music for decades.

With the combined experience of two world-class studios, it’s crystal clear that Abbey Road Institute is an expert in its field, and now we have the opportunity to soak up all their decades of knowledge through the degree. advanced in the music industry.

Designed with the industry in mind and leveraging the experience of key experts, including but not limited to:

  • vocal producer Simon Cohen (Justin Bieber, Will.I.Am, Guy Sebastian, Thelma Plum and many more)
  • Adrian Breakspear, GRAMMY-nominated, ARIA-winning producer, engineer and mixer (production credits include Gang of Youths, CLEWS, Johnny Hunter, Castlecomer and The Two Romans)
  • Artist, singer, producer and music pioneer Steve Spacek (Mos Def, Thundercat, the late great Leon Ware, iconic producer J. Dilla, Johnny Marr [The Smiths], Dave Ball [Soft Cell] and more)

The Advanced Music Industry Diploma will take your knowledge of music production and sound engineering to the next level, with Abbey Road Institute’s in-depth understanding of the arts with “innovative recording techniques and trained assistant engineers who have since become highly respected sound engineers and producers in their own right”.

With the next batch of students ending in just a month on February 28, let’s dive deeper into what the degree offers.

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Discover the Abbey Road Institute:

With a whole lot of learning in just 12 months, students of Abbey Road Institute’s Advanced Music Industry Diploma will have access to industry-standard equipment and studios, where you’ll be taught by experts in their field, alongside guest speakers. and award-winning professionals

Key skills to learn to understand the fundamentals of music business and marketing strategies, time management as it relates to music production projects and band collaborations, and how to use tools for a multitude of techniques such as performing, creating, editing, recording, mastering and mixing music.

Students are encouraged to “participate in the many hands-on opportunities that are available”, including a wide range of tools such as “ensembles, recording sessions and performance/composition workshops”. On top of that, you’ll put your knowledge to work on high-end, industry-standard equipment, including Pro Tools and Logic professional studio software.

Abbey Road Institute has a unique teaching method called Continuous Progressive Learning, where students are taught in a learning style, which means that along the way, you won’t just see how to succeed in the industry music, you will be To do with hands-on lessons in all study modules, ensuring you have confidence in your mind as well as the equipment.

Are you motivated for what could be the best career move of your life and want to see where Abbey Road Institute’s Advanced Music Industry Diploma could take you? They have two open days left on January 29 and February 12. With admission ending February 28, now is the time to plug in, explore, and be ready to get started in the music industry.

The next Abbey Road Institute Open Day is January 29, so mark your calendars!

Alice P. Darby