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As the world of podcasts continues to thrive, it can be difficult to figure out which ones provide valuable analysis of the ever-changing music industry, and which ones just do the talking. We have you. To help you stay up-to-date, here’s a look at seven key modules that regularly pump expertise and ideas into your ears, including ours. Co.Lab Sessions and best advice.

The New Music Business with Ari Herstand

After the release in 2016 of his How to Succeed in the New Music Business Bestseller, Ari Herstand decided to bring the book to life with a podcast. The new music industry podcast dives into how the industry works, including monetizing music NFTs, managing artists, understanding sync licensing, and more. The podcast has made major waves in the industry, winning Webby’s “Best Music Podcast” award in 2021. listen now.

Music Industry Blueprint with Rick Barker

If you are looking for a straightforward approach to industry advice, Music Industry Blueprint gives unfiltered advice. Animator Rick Barker combines his background in artist development (he is Taylor Swiftthe former director of ) and entrepreneurial skills to help others understand the complicated business. Created using the free version of Spotify Anchor podcast creation platform, MIBs features free episodes that include guests like Blue Avenue Music Group CEO Jenny Powers, trend explainers, and more. MIBs also has paid resources reserved for subscribers. listen now.

The business side of music

On The business side of music podcast, host Bob Bender shares his experiences as a longtime touring manager and festival producer with independent artists and songwriters looking to make sense of the business. Each week, Bender and his guests candidly break down their wins and losses as they sift through things like recording, copyright, songwriting, and catalog. Past conversations have featured veteran promoter Danny Zelisko, songwriter Chad Harvey and others. listen now.

Behind the Music Industry

After spending seven years working in music publishing (at Sony Music Publishing and peermusic), supervision and synchronization in London, Danny Champion launched his Behind the Music Industry podcast in 2018 to speak to a cross section of people working in the industry about their work and their perspective. Also created using anchor, Behind the Music Industry invites UK-based guests like Anara Music Publishing director Deborah Smith and lawyer Dean Marsh to the mic to share insight into their respective roles. listen now.

music is my business

music is my business hopes to reduce the barriers to success in music by offering concrete advice. It is hosted by Anthony Clint Jr.a music producer who has worked with artists like Tamar Braxton and has investments in shows like keeping up with the Kardashians and MTV Catfish. The podcast is like a coaching session as Clint Jr. shares tips on securing TV/film placements, the importance of music licensing, and the production business as a whole. listen now.

best advice

Of Greater Freedia explaining the the importance of taxes at Prince Royce share why you should understand music accountingour best advice podcast is filled with actionable information on how to handle the business side of music straight from the mouths of successful artists. The series of friendly yet candid conversations, hosted by Kim Taylor Bennett, gleans wisdom from music makers across genres. listen now.

Co.Lab Sessions

From explaining A&R to exploring merchandising monetization and brand collaborations, Spotify for Artists has Co.Lab Sessions brings in experts from across the industry for in-depth conversations on topics that matter to working artists. Guests have included everyone from Grammy winners and label executives to innovative gaming and merchandising entrepreneurs. listen now.

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Alice P. Darby