I: Tone-Tones

February 2 1979:
First gig, Georgia Theater, opening for B-52s last club date in Athens; Tone-Tones: Nicky Giannaris, vocals and guitar; David Gamble, drums; Dana Downs, bass; Vic Varney, guitar and Farfisa

June 18:
Tone-Tones last show--first rock performance at club that would thereafter be known as Tyrones; band breaks up after only 4 months, a span in which it opened for the Police numerous times (including the last concert of their "Roxanne" tour, for 10,000 people in Gainsville, Florida) as well as for Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello.

II: Method Actors [two-piece, Vic Varney, vocals and guitar, David Gamble, drums]

Summer 1979:
Begin Method Actors with David Gamble
Halloween 1979:
First show, Tyrones, opening for Pylon
Autumn-winter 1980:
Begin saturation bombing of New York City--Hurrahs, the 80s, the Pop Front, Tier 3, CBGB'S, Tracks, Tramps, Peppermint Lounge, the Rock Lounge, Maxwell's, etc--almost certainly, the most intense clubbing of any Athens band in New York before or since.
June 1980:
After being seen by Peter Dyer at the Agorra in Atlanta, invited to sign with Armageddon Records, London
August 1980:
After performing live broadcast for Radio France from the Danceteria in New York, band disembarks for London. Arriving Saturday, band is called in Sunday morning and instructed to exploit free studio time available that day; record first single, "the Method" b/w "Bleeding" and "Can't Act". Released in early October, it is chosen by the New Music Express as Single of the Week, thus securing a certain degree of success for the band.

Autumn 1980:
Intense playing in and around London, followed by touring Holland and Germany. In London, record 10" EP, "Rhythms of You" [in U.S., released in 12" form with slightly different material as "Dancing Underneath"].
In Berlin, see band Blurt, which Varney immediately urges Armageddon to sign.
January 1981:
Briefly return to U.S.
March 1981:
Back to Britain; heavy touring of UK with now label-mates Blurt
June 1981, London:
Record "Little Figures" at Add Vision Studios, Peter Wollescroft, Varney producing [released in UK in January of 1982 as double disc and in U.S. as single disc with same title/cover but fewer songs]
July 1981:
Break for a month; tour Germany; return to mix LF. Return, finally, to U.S. on whatever day it was that Chas and Di got married.
January 1982:
"Little Figures" released to heavy, entirely positive, coverage, making several year's "10 best" lists. Perhaps not surprisingly, more heavily noticed in UK and Europe than U.S.
Spring 1982: Michael Richmond joins band & helps support release of LF. (By this point Varney has gravitated almost entirely over to bass, a move reflected on the album, on which he plays far more bass than guitar.)
Fall 1982:
By mutual agreement, David Gamble leaves band.

Method Actors post-Gamble line-up:
Robert Schmid on drums, Mike Richmond guitar, Varney on bass
Mike briefly quits band to resume eating Cherrios; replaced by Stan Satin on sax, band mounts massive tour of U.S.
After Richmond rejoins, the band, now a four piece including sax and guitar, completes another comprehensive U.S. tour, culminating in San Francisco where, in the summer of 1982, they record second and final album, "Luxury" [released January,1983].
Spring of 1983:
Varney ends band.


Vic on guitar/vocals;
Dana Downs/vocals;
Robert Warren [later to go onto the Fleshtones] bass;
Juan Molina drums/vocals

Tour east coast; never did record in that lineup;
Disband late1984
Resume new line-up '85;
Disband/resume in numerous line-up variations, including Robert Schmid on drums, Juan Molina on bass and, later, David LaBruyere, now with John Mayer, on bass.
Record "Alcohol" in winter of '87; later that year, disband for good.


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City of Children [after a year in Ireland and publication of "Hibernation", a book of poems, in 1983]

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