Vic Varney's solo work:

"A huge influence on REM. God bless Vic Varney."
~ Peter Buck, REM

"A startling natural resource of songs which defy description: introspective without being pretentious, narrative without being cliched."
~ Flagpole Magazine

"...Vic Varney has resurfaced with a gorgeous solo album...that crosses Nick Drake and James Agee..."
~ Holly George-Warren, Village Voice

"...inventive mix of traditional songwriting with an inventive, rich lyricism...bears resemblance to the jazz-influenced side of Nick Drake, Van Morrison and Joni Mitchell."
~ Flagpole Magazine

"Varney's intuitive finger-style guitar is equally evocative of Mississippi John Hurt and Jobim, a good fit for his gauzy, Nick Drake-inspired vocals."
~ Nashville Sound

~ Nick Tosches

Vic Varney's previous band, the Method Actors:

"Working with the most basic instrumentation imaginable, the Method Actors is able to make the combination musical...the guitar makes deft use of chords with moving inner voices and meshes beautifully with the drumming."
~ Robert Palmer, New York Times

[Little Figures] is the best album of the year, fashioned from manic, maverick maneuvers and displays a pop sense that sets heads spinning. The Method Actors achieved an uncanny ability to imbue arbitrary squibs of noise and staggering meter with an alluring sense of shape."
~ Sound

"Their version of "All Tomorrow's Parties" is one of the 10 best New Wave cover songs ever...Countless bands have listened to, covered, imitated and assimilated the work of the Velvet Underground, but it took the Method Actors to capture their spirit."
~ Spin

"Far from being restricted by their lack of personnel, they flaunt the kind of freedom which gives full reign to their extremely angular, passionate approach. Devoid of derivatives, this week's best single proves that far from the Big City Kultural quicksands, some of the most challenging music is conceived free of destructive influences for no other reason than the music itself."
[On debut single "This Is It" being awarded Single of the Week,

~ Roy Carr, New Music Express, London]

"Take a young Jeff Chandler and Jack Nicholson and make a band."
~ Time Out

"...riveting psycho-Ramones drive heightened by choogling guitar and the pair's vocals, one a droll sing-speak, the other a madhouse wail..."
~ The New Trouser Press

"The Music of phsychedelic despair."
~ Tip, Berlin

"...more interesting than Pylon..."
~ New York Times

"The most pretentious band sense creation."
--University of Georgia's Red and Black

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