LIVE SHOW - Caffe Vivaldi
WHERE: 32 Jones Street. (212-691-7538)
(NOT Great Jones St)
No cover.
SHOW DATES: Sundays -
April 1, May 6 and June 3
TIME: 7:30 - 9pm

Near corner of Bleeker St and 7th Avenue (walk West on Bleeker St).
By Train - #1 Train to Christopher Street.
A / C / E to West 4th.

Link page - Caffe Vivaldi


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The Reviews of "Umbrella" Are in: the Spanish Response
by Prado Sevilla

Really half understanding a language is incredible.
Although I have the lyrics, there are some things that I can´t understand overall because I am not an “americium” and I haven’t written them, but Viquilingo, estupendo!!
If you don´t mind I would like to share my conversation "with myself" with you and if you mind I don´t mind what you mind.

First and principally:
Thanks that you were sick of all those feelings and everybody’s feeling you were able to write like that.

Let’s see… in Songwriters you said that if “someone wants to play your songs after you´re dead and gone nobody will be happier than your dead body”. First, if you´re dead your body would not happy because it would a meat loaf without feeling (P1-V0).Second, I don´t think that people would as happy as you say because you know perfectly how you feel when you’ve missed somebody so… (P2-V0), and third, it´s not Christmas time (P3-V0). I’m sorry, you´ve lost this game with a great number of goals.

I’m sure that Palm Trees has been a song really prefered by people, isn´t it? The music is very attractive and delicious for the ears but really is in the last strophe when you see fireworks (at least I do).

I couldn’t get the meaning of the word Breaky but seems to me that all your fans of both sex wanted to take care of you after hearing this song. There you get to seem how people in the butt cow use to say “sooo coooooooool”.

In I Must be Drinking I´m sure that you put “the cat into the water” completely sure.

Why do you use the blue like this? For me it´s not a sad colour but…all transmit so much sadness of everything, loneliness….I hope you have exaggerated all the lyrics a lot because if you hadn´t done it, chiquillo you really were very painful and “fucked”.

All I can tell you Vikingo is that it seems you have loved a lot. That person had to be very special to make you feel like that but you are the greatest one. You are the best Vikingo of the worldly world and I hope that Everlena hadn´t been one of your guitars because after this upset I´m able to fly to Athens and kill you later.

As always I’ve have done my own interpretation of everything. Perhaps what I ´ve written you doesn’t have any connection with what you wanted to mean, but here is the magic of the language, of the music and overall of our minds.¡Qué bonito! Thank you I’ve enjoyed a lot.
Have a warm weekend chico!